Kapa Day


Kapa Day Highlight

Reflect on the transformative impact of our multi-year initiative, spanning 2020, 2021, and 2022, where we donated over three million Science and Art textbooks to secondary schools. This monumental effort reflects our unwavering commitment to education and the empowerment of young minds. These textbooks have become gateways to knowledge, equipping students to excel in their academic pursuits and explore the realms of science and art.

Throughout these years, our mission has remained steadfast: to provide students with the resources they need to become tomorrow's leaders and innovators. The impact of our donations extends far beyond the classroom, reinforcing the belief that accessible, quality educational resources are essential for shaping brighter futures. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have made this initiative possible and invite you to continue joining us on this transformative journey. Together, we can inspire a passion for learning and ensure that generations to come have the tools they need to succeed in the realms of science and art.

Donations to the Government Hospital

Profound impact of our numerous donations to the local hospital, particularly focusing on maternity care and support for mothers and their children. Our commitment to healthcare and the well-being of families shines brightly through these contributions. These donations encompass a wide range of essential supplies and resources, from medical equipment to maternity and infant care items. We believe in ensuring that mothers and their newborns receive the highest quality care and support during this critical time in their lives. Celebrate the power of compassion and community, as we continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of families, helping them welcome their little ones into the world with confidence and care.

Government Hospital Items Distribution

Government Hospital Items Distribution, a heartwarming display of community support and generosity. In this video, witness the effort and dedication as supplies are transported to the hospital using a truck. This footage encapsulates the spirit of giving and collective action, showcasing how a community can come together to support their local healthcare institution.

Awards Night held at [Location]

Enchantment of KAPA's 2022 Awards Night, a grand celebration held at [Location]. This splendid evening stands as a testament to the strength and unity of our community, where we gathered to enjoy a night of music, a sumptuous dinner, and heartfelt recognition. The Awards Night served as a magnificent platform to honor and celebrate outstanding individuals who have etched an indelible mark on our community through their unwavering dedication, exceptional leadership, and tireless commitment. It was a night filled with gratitude and applause, as we acknowledged those whose contributions have been pivotal in shaping the vibrant tapestry of our community.

Under the starry night sky, we presented awards to these exceptional community members, recognizing their immense importance and the profound impact they have had on our lives. Each award was a heartfelt tribute, reflecting the deep respect, admiration, and appreciation we hold for these remarkable individuals who have tirelessly worked to make our community a better place.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who graced the event with their presence, contributions, and support, making this night truly memorable. Let us continue to come together, celebrating the excellence within our community, and eagerly anticipate many more such memorable gatherings in the future.

Donations to Freetown Secondary School for Girls (FSSG)

The generosity of Prof. Juldeh Sesay and his wife Fatmata Kamara as they made impactful donations to the Freetown Secondary School for Girls (FSSG). Their commitment to empowering young women through education shines brightly in their contributions. These donations are a testament to their dedication to providing students at FSSG with the tools and resources they need to excel in their academic pursuits.

Fatmata Kamara's support goes beyond material contributions; it's an investment in the future of young girls, ensuring they have the opportunities and support necessary to thrive. Their donations reflect the values of empowerment, education, and community development, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps and make a difference in the lives of young women at FSSG.

Mr. Alhassan Coker's Award

Highlight the touching moment when Mr. Alhassan Coker's well-deserved award was graciously accepted on his behalf by Mr. Mohamed Jabbie. This heartwarming gesture underscores the significance of recognizing and celebrating outstanding individuals within our community. Even in Mr. Coker's absence, his contributions and dedication were honored, reminding us of the deep respect and appreciation we hold for those who make a positive impact. We extend our gratitude to Mr. Jabbie for representing Mr. Coker and to both individuals for their exemplary commitment to our community. Such moments of recognition inspire us to continue celebrating excellence and fostering a spirit of unity.

Sullay Hizacy receiving posthumous awards

Embrace the poignant moment when a family member of the late Sullay Hizacy graciously accepted posthumous awards on his behalf. This touching tribute paid homage to the remarkable legacy of Sullay Hizacy, former team manager of Kono Diamond Stars. Even in his absence, his invaluable contributions to the sports community were celebrated, reminding us of the profound impact he had on the team and the sport. We extend our gratitude to the family member who stood as a representative, and to the late Sullay Hizacy, whose dedication and spirit continue to inspire us. Such heartfelt tributes encourage us to honor and remember those who have left an indelible mark on our community.

Kapa Team

KAPA members who have come together as the driving force behind the organization's incredible efforts. Each face in the photograph tells a story of commitment, compassion, and unwavering determination to make a positive impact in the Kono district. These individuals are the architects of countless amazing events and the facilitators of numerous donations that have uplifted the community.Their unity and shared purpose radiate from the image, serving as a testament to the power of collaboration and community. With smiles that reflect the joy of giving and the satisfaction of making a difference, they stand as beacons of hope and inspiration.These remarkable KAPA members are the embodiment of the organization's mission, working tirelessly to bring about positive change, foster education, and support those in need. The image is a reminder of their collective strength and the countless lives they have touched through their selfless efforts.

Tamba Emmanuel Toche Foryoh Interview

Step into the insightful world of an interview delivered by the highly respected Paramount Chief Tamba Emmanuel Toche Foryoh of Soa Chiefdom. In this engaging dialogue, he shares his wisdom, experiences, and vision for the community. Chief Tamba's words resonate with the depth of his commitment to the well-being of his people, and his insights shed light on the rich cultural heritage and traditions that define Soa Chiefdom. As a revered leader, his interview serves as an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration, reminding us of the profound impact that dedicated individuals can have in preserving and nurturing the traditions and values of their communities.

Professor Juldeh Sesay, CEO of KAPA Interview

Professor Juldeh Sesay, the esteemed CEO of KAPA, in this engaging conversation he shares his vision for education, community development, and the transformative impact of KAPA's contributions to schools. His words reflect a profound commitment to empowering young minds, and his insights highlight the organization's dedication to providing essential resources to educational institutions.

As a visionary leader, Professor Sesay's interview serves as a source of inspiration, shedding light on the importance of accessible and quality education in shaping the future. His passion for fostering a culture of learning and innovation resonates throughout the interview, reminding us of the significant role organizations like KAPA play in nurturing the next generation and building a brighter tomorrow for communities.

Director of ministry of Education for Kono District Interview

Director of the Ministry of Education for Kono District, following the generous donations by KAPA to numerous schools in the region. In this insightful dialogue, the Director shares their perspective on the transformative impact of KAPA's contributions to education in Kono District. Their words reflect the significance of such partnerships in enriching the educational landscape and empowering students with essential resources.

As a key figure in the education sector, the Director's interview serves as a testament to the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing access to quality education.

Interview delivered by Mr. Mohamed Jabbie, coordinator of KAPA

Mr. Mohamed Jabbie, the dedicated coordinator of KAPA, following a series of impactful school donations. In this engaging conversation, Mr. Jabbie offers insights into the organization's commitment to education, community engagement, and the meaningful journey of facilitating school donations.

Mr. Jabbie's words resonate with a deep passion for uplifting the educational prospects of students and fostering positive change within communities. His interview showcases KAPA's unwavering dedication to providing essential resources to schools and empowering young minds. Mr. Jabbie's perspective serves as a testament to the transformative power of grassroots efforts and the profound impact they have on educational access and quality.

Interview of the Founder of FAWE primary and secondary School in Koidu Town

The founder of FAWE Primary and Secondary School in Koidu Town, conducted in the wake of a series of school donations. In this enlightening conversation, the founder shares their thoughts on the organization's mission, the impact of recent donations, and the continued dedication to providing quality education in the community.

As the founder behind FAWE School, the founder's insights shed light on the profound commitment to education and empowerment. Their interview reflects the positive ripple effect of recent donations, emphasizing the pivotal role organizations like KAPA play in nurturing young minds and fostering community development.

Donated items to schools, media houses, government hospital, ministry of education, orphanage, and many more

Impactful donations that were received by a diverse array of recipients, including schools, media houses, government hospitals, the Ministry of Education, orphanages, and organizations supporting the visually impaired. These forthcoming donations exemplify a commitment to community and empowerment across a wide spectrum of sectors.The imminent arrival of these items underscores the power of collective giving and community support. Whether it's educational resources for schools, equipment for media houses, essential supplies for hospitals, or care packages for orphanages and the visually impaired, these donations represent a collective effort to uplift and strengthen our community.

The Street Carnival Opera in Koidu Town

Relive the enchantment of the Street Carnival in Koidu Town, where the soul-stirring melodies of opera music filled the air. This vibrant event brought together the community for a celebration of music, culture, and togetherness. The presence of opera music added a touch of elegance and grandeur to the festivities, captivating the hearts of all who attended. The Street Carnival was not just a gathering but a testament to the power of music in uniting people and fostering a sense of joy and community. Join us next year in cherishing the magic of this unique cultural celebration, where the streets came alive with the harmonious strains of opera music, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Donations to EBK University and YouthBuils

Donation, which encompassed 30 and 12 computers including projectors, provided to both EBK University of Science and Technology and YouthBuild in Sierra Leone. This initiative reflects our unwavering commitment to education and technological advancement.

In today's rapidly evolving world, access to digital resources is paramount. With these computers and projectors, we are bridging the digital divide, ensuring that students and young individuals have the tools they need to thrive in the information age. Now, a wealth of knowledge from across the globe is at their fingertips, allowing them to explore subjects, conduct research, and access educational content that was previously beyond reach.

These digital resources open up a world of possibilities. Students can delve into online courses, research papers, and interactive learning platforms, gaining a deeper understanding of their chosen fields. They can collaborate on projects, share ideas, and connect with experts and peers worldwide, expanding their horizons and nurturing innovation. Furthermore, this donation empowers youth to develop crucial digital literacy skills.