How To Donate

To donate to KAPA, you have several options available. We appreciate physical donations, financial donations and your time. Your contribution is invaluable in creating positive change and improving the lives of individuals and communities in the Kono District.

Physical Items

We actively collect and accept a wide range of essential items, including food, clothes, medical supplies, books, electronic devices, and equipment.

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Financial Donations

We greatly appreciate any financial donations. To donate via Paypal Click Here.

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Can't donate but you have some free time on your hands. Help us out in the US or in the Kono District with distributing the donations and helping out the community.

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Physical Items

We also welcome donations of food, clothing, medical supplies, books, electronic devices, and other essential items.

Give Us A Call or Email

Give us a call at +1 (732) 900-5041 or Email us at

We Will Pick Up The Items

We will work out a day and time that works best for our team to pick up the items. And we will work out the exporting.


Once all the donations are in Kono we will distribute the donations to many Kono district insitutuions. To see who we have donated to in the past refer to our Previous Donations page.

Items We Accept

These are all the items we accept and donate to the Kono District and others in the US.


Medical Supplies


Electronic Devices


Financial Donation

Donate using your preferred payment method, including the option to donate via PayPal for added convenience. Your contribution is invaluable together we can make a lasting impact. Thank you for your generosity.

Donate Via PayPal

Click the button below and you will be redirected to paypal to complete the transaction.

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Donate Directly to the Bank

To donate directly to our bank click the button below.

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Amazon Wishlist

Want to buy something directly for the Kono District. Click the button below for our Amazon Wishlist


View Our Previous Donations

Previous Donations

Donate Your Time

Want to help out and volunteer to help out the Kono District. We need help with distribution, organization, and item pickups.

Help with Distribution

We need help to bring and distribute the donations to the schools, universities hospitals and more. Please email us at to get started.

Help with Orginization

We need help to organizing the donations before shipping to the community. Please email us at to get started.

Help with Pickups

Many donations are items that would need to be picked up and dropped off at our various drop off locations across the US (Massachusetts's, New York, and New Jersey) and Kono District. Please email us at to get started.

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