Kapa Day

About Kapa Day

All Day Events

KAPA day includes: Visitation to hospitals, elected schools, the paramount chiefs office, Blind School, orphanages, and the market area.


Join us in donating to and visiting the Kono District. During the 7 total days you be able to see and talk with the community. Every day we with be at a new location for a through experience of the Kono District and to get to know you donations are going directly to those in need.

More Information

Please contact us via our Contact Us page or Call +1 (732) 900-5041 for more information or to join us during Kapa Day.

2022 Kapa Day

View our latest Kapa Day. This year was extraordinary we reached a milestone of 3 million donated books over the past three years and many more exciting events.

View the 2022 Kapa Day Gallery

2021 Kapa Day

View our 2021 Kapa Day gallery with packed with multiple visits to schools and other facilities that we donated to.

View the 2021 Kapa Day Gallery

2020 Kapa Day

View our 2020 Kapa Day gallery where with donated many books, computers, and supplies to various organizations in the Kono District.

View the 2020 Kapa Day Gallery