Football Event

Football Tournament

Football Tournament

The KAPA soccer tournament is a highly anticipated event that spans over several months, showcasing the incredible talent and passion for soccer in the Kono District. Teams from across the district compete in exhilarating matches, demonstrating their skills and dedication to the sport.

Teams Competing

Ten teams from Kono District will compete in the fierce and captivating KAPA soccer tournament, showcasing their unique styles and skills. Spectators will witness remarkable displays of talent from skilled dribblers to powerful goalkeepers, making it an awe-inspiring event.

Final Football Match

During the KAPA 7-Day Event Week, the soccer tournament reaches its pinnacle. The final stages of the tournament are held within this exciting week. Spectators and participants alike come together to celebrate the spirit of soccer and witness thrilling matches that determine the ultimate champion.

2022 Football Gala

View our latest football match between "Team Name". This was to date the most anticipated match. If you have missed it or just want to relive the match take a look at our photos and videos.

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2021 Football Gala

View 2021's football match between Lebanon and Koquima. This was a thrilling and exciting facing between these two great teams.

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