About Us

From strategic planning, to fundraising, to watching over the business of KAPA, the leaders of KAPA understand the importance of structure and passion to sustain change.  Between our National Leadership and our local and global initiatives we are working to make sure our work continues for years. For any questions of concerns please call +1 (732) 900-5041, email us individually or fill out the Contact Us page.

United States Team

Professor Juldeh Sesay

Global CEO and founder of KAPA (Kono Annual Prestigious Awards) who hails from Kono District District.

Fatima Jaiteh

National and International Advisory Board Member

Osman Jalloh

Global Chairman

Kono District Team

Margaret Suluku

Global Vice Chairperson KAPA

Fatima Jaiteh

National and International Advisory Board Member

Dr. Seah Matilda Banga

Global Head of Administration

Our Sponsors

Over the years, KAPA has made a significant difference in the lives of individuals and communities in the Kono District through our various initiatives. These sponsors have helped us thought the years to help the people of the Kono District.

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